You’re fed up with work, but it isn’t your job that’s problem. It’s your boss!

Many employees find themselves stuck in a job they hate because of horrible leadership. These tips will help you decide if your boss is guilty of being a jerk.

She micromanages you

Businesswoman texting cell phone outside conference room meeting

You can’t send an email or add an event to your calendar without her telling you exactly how to do it. The question, “Why’d she hire me?” often crosses your mind. While we appreciate the guidance, employees want to feel trusted and valued – not incapable of completing mundane tasks without constant supervision.

She throws you under the bus

Businesswomen working in office

She’s never wrong. Even if the mishap is on her, she will never take ownership. A great boss would acknowledge how her mistake directly impacted your work output. She reprimands you as if she is completely oblivious to the fact that she caused the mess you’re in now. You hate playing the blame game so you keep working while quietly plotting 50 ways to pulverize her – in your mind, of course.

She’s bipolar

Failure is not final

She’s hot then cold. She’ll be on today and off tomorrow. You never know which person you’re going to get on any given day. She can be fun and joke with you about reality TV one minute then call you into her office to discuss how bad you’ve screwed up, the next. It’s a stressful situation and pushes you to your breaking point. Sometimes, you wonder if she’s threatened by you. Other times, you assure yourself that she is just simply incompetent and can’t help herself. Just when you decide to dust off your resume, she flips on the charm and starts singing your praises again.

She’s more of a boss than a leader

Depressed young woman using computer at the office

Bosses rule the roost and bark out orders. Leaders share the work, motivate you and are typically stellar communicators. You know for a fact that you’re dealing with a boss because she gets defensive about your suggestions for improvements during your one-on-one meetings. She can see fault in everyone around her but remains magically exempt from wrongdoing. Unless it’s her idea, it won’t work. When it does work, she takes full credit. She spends a lot of time preaching about teamwork but oftentimes leaves you out of any and all decisions that directly affect your job.

She doesn’t value your time

Anxious mixed race businesswoman rubbing temples in office

Yes, you have a meeting in three minutes, but she needs your help setting up an event she forgot was on her calendar. You could decline, but you’ll never hear the end of her rants about you’re not being a team player. To make matters worse, she embarks on a lengthy discussion about an upcoming project five minutes before quitting time. You reluctantly engage her while simultaneously hoping she can’t see the imaginary steam shooting from your ears. You’ve absolutely had enough when she “delegates” a project to you at the eleventh hour and has the nerve to leave early.

Many talent experts have confirmed very unsettling news that employees don’t leave bad jobs – they leave bad bosses. Don’t start your exit plan at the slightest instant of disagreement with your boss. Try and stick it out. If things don’t blow over, put your networking stilettos on and run for the hills!

Ashley Watkins, of Write Step Resumes, LLC, helps job seekers and career changers write their career dreams into reality one step at a time.  She can be found on FacebookTwitterInstagram, Pinterest, or via for resume help, interview prep, career tips, and motivational quotes. Click here to schedule a FREE consult today!

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