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The challenge in getting a promotion is understanding what makes those who are promoted quickly irresistible to employers. You must think beyond the job requirements to see the bigger picture. Here are some reasons you may be blacklisted from promotions at your company.

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You do the bare minimum

Ditch the “that’s not my job” attitude. The potential for a promotion increases as you find ways to create work for yourself. Start by streamlining a process. Your awesome idea could save your company time or money. Validate why the company needs you and prove you’re an asset versus a placeholder.

Your skills are outdated

The skills you learned 15 years ago may now be too outdated to meet your company’s demands. Even if you don’t plan to obtain another degree, read self-help books or register for free webinars and low-cost certification courses. Stay relevant and never get complacent.

You don’t associate with A Players

In the workplace there are A Players who make things happen and B Players who watch things happen. Join a professional networking group to interact with A players in your industry and learn from them. Take advantage and never be afraid to ask questions. You’d be surprised how many are willing to give free advice.

You have a sense of entitlement

You’ve been with the company for over 10 years and you’re qualified so they have to promote you, right? Wrong! Promotions are a privilege. Employers don’t owe you anything. It’s up to you to showcase your worth through the results you produce.

So, are you ready to take charge in your career? Revamp your approach to advancement and let employers know what you have to offer is unique, valuable, and can’t be outsourced.

Ashley Watkins, of Write Step Resumes, LLC, helps job seekers and career changers write their career dreams into reality one step at a time.  She can be found on FacebookTwitterInstagram, Pinterest, or via for resume help, interview prep, career tips, and motivational quotes. Click here to schedule a FREE consult today!

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